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     Here is some information about me!


    I have been drawing as long as I can remember, although I am happy to say that I have moved on from princesses with heart-shaped bodies and triangle noses. (Okay, I still draw a lot of triangle noses. And sometimes princesses, too.) I love children’s books more than almost anything, and always try to create that sort of fantastic, anything-is-possible quality within my illustrations. I am so proud and excited to be able to share my work with all of you! 

    I graduated from Florida State University with degrees in French and Italian, which I have since put to good use by impressing the tellers at my local bank. Currently, I reside in Boston, Massachusetts, with my ridiculous cat named Magellan ("Maggie," for short) who eats too much and loves to sing at me. In my spare time, I enjoy coming up with preposterously elaborate song parodies and telling jokes. I probably know more jokes than anyone you know.